CFST holds monthly Advisory Committee meetings. The Advisory Committee is comprised of CFST staff, representatives from various agencies including mental health and drug and alcohol, representatives from Beaver County Behavioral Health, Juvenile Service Division of the Court of Common Pleas, Housing Authority of the County of Beaver, HealthChoices Ombudsman, family members, and consumers. During CFST’s Advisory Committee meetings, CFST site visit reports are discussed and reviewed in addition to all comments made by the interviewees, to ensure that all concerns are addressed. Concerns the Advisory Committee believe need additional information addressed may require a letter written to the provider for clarification, or sometimes a plan of action is warranted. Interviews are conducted face-to-face and telephonically with the majority being face-to-face. The information gathered from the CFST reports are reported to Beaver County Behavioral Health, Beacon Health Options, and Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS)