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The Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team (CFST) in Beaver County was formed in 1998 when Medicaid changed from Fee-for-Service to Healthchoices managed care. The impact of this change was initially seen in the expansion of community-based services, although the more significant change was in the recovery-focused approach that was being used in the design of behavioral health services. The CFST became an essential component in this paradigm shift that helped ensure that the Consumer’s voice was heard. For the last 19 years, the CFST has been interviewing individuals who are receiving behavioral health services, documenting their satisfaction and concerns, and compiling this information into reports.

The CFST serves as a tool for quality assurance of behavioral health services in Beaver County. The integrity of this process is ensured because family members and present or former recipients of behavioral health services and/or drug and alcohol services compose the team. Their lived-experience is essential when capturing the comments of survey participants as they have firsthand knowledge of what it is like to be a family member or recipient of behavioral health services. 

Mission Statement

The Beaver County Consumer Family Satisfaction Team’s

Mission is to gauge consumer satisfaction and to report its findings to the Beaver County Behavior Health Office for the use in planning, implementing and improving behavioral health services in the county.





  • Provide consumers with a way to express their satisfaction or

Dissatisfaction with the services they receive.


  • Empower consumers to develop comfort and confidence with

Expressing their opinions.


  • Determine whether consumers’ behavioral health needs are being met through the information provided by the Consumer Family

Satisfaction Team.


  • Encourage consumers and providers to develop respect for each